Situational Leadership



Situational Leadership®

for Dr. Paul Hersey

From the “Center for Leadership Studies” USA

Workshop you should not dismiss

About Situational Leadership®:

Proved to be a leading Leadership workshop among other workshops in the world, Situational Leadership® demonstrates effectively the highest top level techniques to lead managers, employees, and other departments. Situational Leadership® proved to the world that you can’t lead if you are not using its techniques, science, and arithmetic leadership calculations. 


Situational Leadership®: A workshop that will teach your how to influence others.

  • Success & Situational Behavioral ®
  • Using Situational Leadership ® in real life Management experience
  • Performance Readiness ®
  • The Process of Influence
  • Surfacing the real task 
  • Influence Behavior 


Who should attend this workshop? 

Situational Leadership® a senior workshop, designed by the last 50 years of scientific, management and senior technical experience in the USA, made for CEOs, GMs, Department Managers, HR Managers, Team Leaders, Owners, Financial Managers, Sales Managers, and Operation Managers. 

Why to attend this Workshop?

  • SMARTMAN is the first to provide this workshop in Lebanon for the “Center for Leadership Studies” USA
  • Teach you how to influence others
  • Senior, scientific, and tailor made to real life experience
  • Provide you excellent career enhancement
  • Provide you senior Leadership performance
  • Certificate from USA from “CLS” that you can proudly benefit from
  • Full detailed material
  • Leadership ability tactics and techniques
  • Leadership ability to face and solve most managerial problems
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